Aluminum foil is definitely irreplaceable when it comes to baking dishes – especially meats. As it turns out, they are also useful in other places that may be a bit surprising at first glance. Now you are wondering what we mean by this? We present a simple trick that can save your electrified clothes.

Put the aluminum foil balls into the washing machine

As you may have guessed, a tricky trick is to throw a few balls of aluminum foil into the drum before putting the laundry in. Preferably 2 to 4, slightly smaller than the fist. Don’t worry, it won’t damage your washing machine or clothes – it’s completely safe.

This trick will make it easier to get rid of the problem of electrified clothes. Aluminum foil balls can easily replace fabric softener during washing, as it will work just like fabric softener. It is not only a cheap solution but also an effective one.

Aluminum foil is not only in the kitchen

Few people know that aluminum foil can also be used during ironing, which will significantly speed up the performance of this activity (which many people hate).

What should I do? All you have to do is wrap the ironing board with aluminum foil and then place a cloth cover over it. The foil will reflect heat, keeping clothes soft on both sides with one stroke of a hot iron.

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