In 14,360 elementary schools in grades 1-3, education Wednesday was conducted in full-time mode – it reports to MEiN, saying it’s 99.4 percent. elementary schools. In 15 elementary schools in grades 1-3, distance learning took place, and in the 68-co-ed mode.

The Ministry of Education and Science also announced that 15,184 kindergartens and pre-school educational institutions were operating in fixed mode on Wednesday, or 99.2 percent. who are they. 38 telecommuting kindergartens and 78 mixed kindergartens.

This data shows condition Wednesday at 13.00 and comes from education directors.

On Monday, after the winter break, students of grades 1-3 from elementary schools and private schools returned to full-time education. Students in grades four to eight of elementary and high schools continue their learning just as before the winter break. The study has been suspended until January 31.

The fall suspension from full-time classes did not apply to kindergarten, elementary school preparatory classes, and other forms of preschool education. There is also no winter vacation in public kindergartens.

Full-time education is resumed in grades 1-3 of elementary schools, just like kindergarten, in the sewage system. As MEiN confirms, the situation is being monitored in enterprises.

On Monday, the ministry reported that in 14,383 primary schools in grades 1-3, education is provided on a full-time basis (that is, in 99.6% of primary schools). In 9 elementary schools, in grades 1-3, were set up remotely, and in 51 in mixed mode, some students study in the school, and some from afar.

On Tuesday, 14,372 primary schools were taught in grades 1-3 on a full-time basis (i.e. in 99.5% of primary schools). In 16 elementary schools in grades 1-3, it took place via distance learning, and in 55 in mixed mode.

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On Wednesday, the number of primary schools offering distance education decreased by one school, compared to Tuesday, and the number of mixed schools increased by 13.

Also on Wednesday, the number of kindergartens and pre-school institutions operating in a part-time situation changed. The number of people working remotely increased by 10, and the number of people working in mixed mode increased by 14.

On Monday, 15,222 kindergartens and pre-school education institutions were operating in static mode, or 99.5 percent. who are they. 28 remote kindergartens and 50 mixed kindergartens.

On Tuesday, 15,208 kindergartens and pre-school educational institutions were operating in static mode, or 99.4 percent. who are they. 28 kindergartens are working remotely, and 64 are in mixed mode.