The Minister of Education and Science has allocated 10 million PLN to private universities to ensure adequate distance learning conditions, including the purchase of tools for teaching or distance training. The ministry estimates that about 100 universities will benefit from the support.

According to MEiN, financial support may be granted to universities: which in 2018-2020 did not obtain a negative evaluation of the quality of education in any of the fields of study; Which has educated at least 100 full-time students (according to the state in the POL-on Integrated Information System for Higher Education and Sciences as of December 31, 2019).

The amount of support provided to a particular university depends on the number of full-time students.

Funds received by non-governmental universities can be used to: Purchase software (including virtual representation of specialist laboratories, distance education program licenses, etc.); Purchase of equipment (such as laptops, tablets, servers, modems, equipment for equipping classrooms with a video conferencing system, etc.); Recruitment of persons responsible for supporting lecturers and students in the field of online classrooms (including, among others, programmers, methodologists and people preparing multimedia materials); Training of academic teachers and other educators.

Applications for support can be submitted by private universities until February 5, 2021. The application form is available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Ministry informed that financial support for the purchase of teaching tools remotely has also received all public universities supervised by the Minister of Education and Science and non-governmental universities with funding from public universities.

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Detailed information can be found on the MEiN website. (PAP)

Author: Danuta Starzyńska-Rosiecka

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