Magda Linnet was the only Pole who found herself on the main ladder of the WTA 250 competition on clay in Strasbourg. The French event will be the last test before the 2022 Grand Slam Roland Garros.

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Magda Lynette

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Last year, Magda Linate reached the semi-finals of the International Strasbourg competition. It will not be easy to replicate this result. The Poznan player plays on Sunday against the Russian Warwara Graseva.

If Lynette wins, her opponent will be French Elsa Jacquemo or Britain’s Heather Watson. In a possible quarter-final, for example, German Andżelika Kerber, seeded with “Monday”, might wait. The former leader of the WTA ranking received a wild card.

The organizers also received the Karolina Pliskova Prize, another one in the world. Czech women need more sulfur to find their rhythm after their health issues. Her opponent in the first round will be Marta Kostyuk of Ukraine. It is worth noting that in the Pliskova district there is, among others, the Australian Samantha Stosur, who in January … finished her solo career.

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Belgian Elise Mertens, American Sloane Stephens (second quarter) and Romanian Sorana Kirstia (third quarter), who reached the final last year, will also play for the meal in Strasbourg. It turned out that the Czech Barbora Krejkova was better at it.

In Strasbourg, Linnet will not only play against the Whites and the Reds. Catarzyna Peter, her partner Kimberly Zimmerman, will play in my doubles. In the first round, the Polish-Belgian duo will face Chinese duo Yifan Xu and Zhaoxuan Yang. Representatives of the Middle Kingdom were ranked number three.

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Internationaux de Strasbourg, Strasbourg (France)
WTA 250, clay court, 251k prize pool. dollar

The main arc is drawn:

Karolina Pliskova (Czech Republic, 1 / WC) – Marta Kostyuk (Ukraine)
Bernarda Pera (USA) – Elena Gabriella Rosa (Romania)
Harmony Tan (France) – Samantha Stosur (Australia, WC)
Marina Zaniuska (Belgium) – Shuai Zhang (China, 5)

Elise Mertens (Belgium, 4) – Carol Monet (France, WC)
Daria Savile (Australia) – Anna-Lena Friedsam (Germany)
Kaja Jovan (Slovenia) – Q / LL
Q/LL – Sloane Stephens (USA, 6)

Viktorija Golubić (Switzerland, 9) – Q/LL
Caroline Garcia (France) – Fiona Ferro (France)
Anna Kongo (Croatia) – Ocean Dudin (France)
Q/LL – Sorana Kirstia (Romania, 3)

Magda Linate (Poland, 8) – Warwara Graziwa
Elsa Jacquimot (France) – Heather Watson (Great Britain)
Q / LL – Q / LL
Diane Barry (France) – Andżelika Kerber (Germany, 2 / WC)

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