Celebrities who are bored with winters in Poland visit warm corners of the world, often Zanzibar and Mexico, as well as the Maldives, the Dominican Republic and the Canary Islands. Some are moving abroad for a longer period – Kenja Roussin has been living on an island in the Indian Ocean since autumn, and Blanca Lipinska has announced a longer trip from Poland. However, these places, popular with famous citizens, did not entice Maciej Zakościelny. The actor chose a completely different destination for his winter trip – the United States.

If anyone suspects that the Polish actor started his visit to the US from Los Angeles, then he is a little wrong. The religious man had gone to California, but the Hollywood Hills were not his goal. We learn about the places he’s visiting during the men’s trip with two friends from his last two Instagram posts. A few days earlier, the actor marked himself while wandering up a hill near Malibu, California. “This is how you will live!” – Misiek Koterski wrote in the commentary, and Magdalena Lamparska added “Zazdro!”

Joshua Tree National Park in California became his next destination. The views the actor saw are breathtaking. The actor wrote in the post “Like a natural set for many movie sets – Joshua Tree”. The photos he posted show the enormous boulders of unusual shapes and narrow canyons that attract Joshua Tree Park, as well as the distinct Joshua trees from which the park is named.

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The actor admires the park from the craggy peaks, so it can be assumed that – like many tourists who visit this place – he was climbing there with his friends. From the east and west sides, Joshua Tree National Park is adjacent to the Mojave and Colorado deserts, so the actor’s account also includes photos of their harsh, sandy, sandy landscapes.