Polish designer Maciej Karpiak has designed a line of panels made from recycled rPET fibers, created with the goal of reducing plastic emissions.

  • The Polish acoustic panel company, Marbet Felt, has created a range of cellular acoustic panels, which will facilitate workplace transformation.
  • The panels are made from recycled rPET fibers.
  • The collection is designed by Maciej Karpiak, a designer interested in recycling solutions.

Properly designed items can positively influence our daily life and solve the problems we struggle with. The Polish brand has found a way to solve some inconveniences with the help of a range of acoustic panels. They eliminate noise, provide adequate lighting and zoning, and at the same time – fight environmental degradation.

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Modern offices require an innovative approach – not only because of the increased expectations of the employees, but also the attitude regarding the security recommendations in place. How to make an open space a friendly, efficient, and conducive to work? Polish company producing acoustic panels, Marbet Felt, created the Cell Group, which will facilitate the transformation of workplaces.

Custom design for your needs

Cellular acoustic panels were created to enable rapid office transformation where noise and the combination of several functions negatively affect the quality of work. The collection consists of acoustic walls, desk panels, cabinets, ceiling panels, curtains, LED acoustic lights and free standing wall panel. All elements are diverse in size and at the same time complementary, so that they can be freely configured, depending on the specificity of the space and needs.

The collection is available in different color versions, which allows it to better adapt to the nature of a particular company. The panels do well during times of increased sewage. They allow you to easily separate areas outdoors, and are also easy to disinfect. The detergents do not damage the wool, so you can use cleaning supplies regularly without worrying about the condition of the sheets.

Nature friendly design

The primary component of cellular acoustic panels is an environmentally friendly rPET non-woven fabric made from recycled PET bottles. Thanks to this material, the panels combine an attractive design with a thoughtful ergonomics. He created a group Maciej Carbiac – Polish designer interested in solutions that use up recyclability and ideas for better and more conscious use of materials. Recycled rPET fiber panels are designed to reduce plastic emissions, which is becoming a global problem.

More light!

Ceiling panels with integrated LED lighting is an innovative component of the Cell line. Acoustic panels are placed on both sides of the lamp, which ensures sound absorption. High-efficiency LED optics are integrated into the frame, enabling precise illumination of one or two workstation surfaces. All this thanks to energy-saving lamps with reflectors. Lighting strength and color can be controlled remotely using a mobile app. The acoustic LED ceiling lights are available in two models: vertical and horizontal.

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