Residents submitted 75 ideas for green “places for you”, 12 of which were selected by the committee for implementation. As part of the green budget, friendly, publicly accessible and, above all, green spaces will be created.

The winning projects were selected for the fifth edition of the Green Budget in Lublin. This time, and for the first time, residents can provide ideas for specific landscape forms in their immediate surroundings. The idea was to get an idea of ​​the hitherto unused points in the city. As a result, they will turn into friendly, publicly accessible and, above all, green spaces. We’re talking new yards, little gardens, or just places where you can sit and rest amidst the greenery.

The city has allocated 2 million PLN for the implementation of the tasks. The residents submitted a total of 75 ideas, but only 36 were successfully validated and moved to the second stage. It was examined by a team of experts who analyzed, among other things, in the end, the share of green space, accessibility, context of the surroundings or functions 12 of them for implementation.

in the Mujahideen. Wyżynna 16, on a small green plot of land next to the DDK “Czuby Południowe”, the city furniture will be located, next to which there will be attractive year-round farms. Close to the Mujahideen. Szczytowa 11 and 15, a small space will be transformed into a small pocket-sized square. Close to the Mujahideen. The Herbowa Arena will be built for the elderly and people with disabilities. In two locations in the Dziesiąta district, residents will have small pocket squares.

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Na Filin, and more precisely in the magazine. Doświadczalna A small garden will be built at ul. Długa 33a in Kośminek, the place of assimilation of the inhabitants of the oldest part of the region, and in ul. Cyprysowa in Ponikwodzie is equipped with comfortable city furniture and green farms, a place to rest, conducive to the meetings of the residents. In the Old City, the project to complete the reconstruction of the Blessed Father’s Square will be implemented. Anthony Zwistoevsky. Green spaces that integrate residents at the Mujahideen intersection were also noted. Sławin and ul. Nałęczowska in Szerokie County and in the ul. Gudim in Węglin. On the other hand, among the Mujahideen. Kroshmalna and Bistrica are grown as plants.

(Photo: Pixabay / Image Caption)