The Fallout community is interested in Project Fallout: London, and Bethesda also spotted the extensive mod. The company decided to appoint developers responsible for the project.

In recent days, we have introduced a trailer for Fallout: London on the website, and the production authors have confirmed the positive news – the story, set in Great Britain, will be published in 2023.

A major Fallout 4 mod has been spotted by Bethesda and The company decided to hire two people associated with Fallout: London, and although Ryan Johnson accepted the offer, Dean Carter decided to decline.

Ryan Johnson was the lead technical advisor for the remastered designs and levels, and is now starting his career at the big studio. On the other hand, Dean Carter has decided he will be with the mod authors until the end and the project director wants to finish work on Fallout: London, only to think about the next moves later.

As you know, Bethesda wants to develop Fallout 5 in the future, but at least the developers are currently working on Starfield, and the studio’s next project is The Elder Scrolls 6.

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