178 people who have reached the age of 100 and receive honorary benefits from the President of the Social Security Corporation (ZUS) live in ód, according to the records of the Social Insurance Institute in Lodz. Only in the past nine months has the group of centenarians increased by 41 people.

Among the centenarians in the ódky district, there are certainly more women than men. The benefits include 151 women and 27 men. Our biggest recipient is a woman getting a pension from Branch 2 in Lodz. The lady was born in May 1913 and is now 107 years and 8 months old. Monika Kiuchinska, a spokeswoman for Woodz Zuse, said the older man also lived in Lodz and was born in January 1916, so he is now 105 years old.

Every 100-year-old can count on an honorary award from the President of ZUS. Its amount depends on the amount of the base amount and for centenarians who are currently celebrating their 100th birthday, it is 4,294 PLN. Once granted, this amount is paid monthly and is not subject to comparison, which means that it is transferred throughout his life at the same amount alongside the basic benefit – retirement pension or disability pension.

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A 100-year-old does not have to apply to ZUS, as it is a special honorary benefit that retired “ex officio” receive at the age of 100. As explained by a ZUS spokeswoman in Lodz, the honorary reward is also given to those who neither work nor receive Pension or disability pension. However, in such cases, a benefit request is required because these people are not in the ZUS system.

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According to ZUS records in ód, the largest number of centenarians – 92 years – live in Branch 1 in Lodz. This group includes 79 women and 13 men. The 2nd ZUS branch in ód ranks second, with 57 years old – among them 51 women and 6 men. In turn, the branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki pays benefits to 29 people over the age of 100; There are 21 women and 8 men among them.

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