Robertson explains why it’s so difficult to play against Mane

Sadio Mane with Andy Robertson Image credit: Getty Images

Andy Robertson, left back for Liverpool, explained why it was difficult to play against his reds teammate Sadio Mane, given that he has to face him every day in training.

In his new book Now you will believe usRobertson cited Liverpool’s 1-0 victory over Norwich City as one of the decisive results in the Premier League title season as Mane scored the only goal of the match 12 minutes from the end.

Club website Quote the captain of Scotland:

“Norwich far away has been one of our most memorable trips this season.

“The result in itself was something to remember as our 17th consecutive win left us only needing five more wins to secure the title with 12 matches remaining.

“The way the three points were earned will live long in the memories of everyone who has been there.

“Sadio went through a whole set of skills, strength, agility, thinking and finishing first-class to obtain the goal that led us to cross the line.

“It wasn’t even the best balls he had set up, he was just a hoof in the park by Hendo! Seriously, it was a great pass but Sadio still had a lot to do when he received the ball and I’m sure Hendo would agree that in this case, the …” Running is a pass.

“ For Sadio to drop the ball down, spin away from his observer, turn and finish with his left foot was unbelievable.

“That is why he is one of the best players in the world for me. How many other players can score a goal like this? Not much.

“I know from experience how difficult it is to deal with him because I see him in training on a daily basis.

“He can do the unexpected, he can beat you with the power of his upper body, he can skilfully overtake you or fly quickly.

“ In addition to having that kind of talent, he’s also become more consistent.

“When he first joined Liverpool, Sadio was really good but he got better because his level of stability had improved so much.

“Against Norwich, people probably didn’t think there was a chance when the ball was in the air, so for him to turn that pose into a goal – and decisive at that – it was unbelievable.”