Liverpool and Manchester United are seen as big bullies

Gary Neville Image credit: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA / Getty Images

Thus says former Manchester United plays Gary Neville, who is now a part-owner of the second championship in Salford City.

The devastating plot of a new FIFA-backed tournament in which the biggest clubs in Europe will take part appeared on Tuesday, but the £ 4.6 billion plans have come under heavy criticism from fans.

Express To quote Neville as saying to Sky Sports:

“ The big problem I’m facing is that at this moment, in the middle of a pandemic and when football is on its knees on so many different levels, the idea of ​​putting together a $ 6 billion package is creating a new league when the lower clubs scramble to pay wages and survive.

“It’s another football wound. I don’t feel the time is right to talk about it.

“The leak may not be appropriate for Manchester United or Liverpool at this point because they are seen as the big, bad bullies.

“I support the progress of football, with new competitions and new formats, but we have to take care of the texture of the game and what it means for the societies in this country.

“There is a site, possibly, for a new European league and a great super league, a fantastic competitive football league and grassroots funded football and outside the league. There is enough money.

“If they could raise $ 6 billion together for a European League, they could raise £ 150-200 million to save the rest of football in this country.

“There is enough wealth in the game to take care of all of the major stakeholders.

“It would almost be helpful for Manchester United, Liverpool and others to say: ‘There is 10 million pounds for non-leagues, and there are hundreds of millions of rescue packages for the Premier League clubs.

“I don’t understand why we’re not interested in the broader game as we have these discussions about $ 6 billion debt packages with JP Morgan. It’s obscene.”