The National Health Trust will reimburse the costs of the operation in the United States and pay for a round trip for Matilda Rochak, who is no more than one year old.

A girl from Greater Poland has a family in the Sądecczyzna district where several groups are organized for her treatment.

Matilda suffers from type IV pulmonary atresia. Most importantly, his condition has recently improved, which gives hope for a safe journey across the ocean. The girl was lubricated by her parents with St. Charbel. Through his intercession, people also prayed for her health.

We believe that in addition to people of good will, we also have support from sky – Says The girl’s godmother Paulina Ptashkovska.

As my brother said, so far Matilda She was extremely careless, and from that moment on, it seemed as if she had changed somehow. Inside, in the heart, a miracle must have happened. If the situation has not changed since leaving the hospital, at the moment Matilda will be under machinery, that is, she will not be able to work independently – She added.

Matilda leaves with her parents for the American Stanford on May 4. In the middle of the month, you’ll have a cardiac catheterization and tests to make a final decision about surgery. This is due on May 31st.

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