Lesevich recalls who was the Prosecutor General Yuri Cheka, who oversaw the investigation of the Smolensk case as a result of the transfer of the investigation to Russia by Tusk:

His subordinates covered dozens of cases of killings of human rights defenders and journalists. Prosecutor Zagka himself, who oversaw the Smolensk investigation, personally dealt with the cases of poisoned Anna Politkovskaya and Litvinenko.
– He said on the program Minęła 20.

In his opinion, similar to the case of Ukraine, the earlier attack of Poland represented Western civilization in the case of Smolensk.

On the other hand, we have research based on the knowledge of Polish scientists, and one of the main guides was developed by the US National Aeronautical Research Institute. We have a collaboration of British scientists. So we have two alternatives: what Anthony Macerewicz presented today, these are the achievements of the Western world in this matter, that is, the achievements of the Russian Federation.
– said Lisiewicz.

As noted, There were media in Poland that believed the KGB in this matter, which cannot be justified.

The only argument that might arise now is ad personam – Antoni Macierewicz, this terrible Macierewicz. Only that this argument also seems weaker and weaker when I read an article in Die Welt about the fact that Poland did a great job in creating the territorial defense forces. That is why no longer American, nor British, but German media write on this subject. And when we learned that Anthony Maserevich is the liquidator of the Military Information Services. How will we feel today, having a structure at the head of the Polish services in which at least several hundred people were trained in Moscow?
– wonders Lisiewicz.

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Source: niezalezna.pl, TVP Info