Pressure mounted on Senator Graham after an official endorsed the call in which he asked the state secretary of state about the possibility of disqualifying the legal ballot papers.

Now, Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal, the progressive congressional co-chair, has called on Mr. Graham to resign due to his interference.

“Lindsay Graham must resign,” she wrote on Twitter.

“It is now confirmed that he urged the Foreign Minister of Georgia to find a way to get rid of the votes legally.

“There must be accountability and justice for this dangerous attack on our democracy.”

A Democrat from New York also attacked Mr. Graham’s actions.

Representative Hakim Jeffries said: “It appears that Lindsay Graham has crossed the line illegally as part of an attempt to wrest Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia, and this may be part of a plot to try to steal these elections elsewhere.” .

Civil rights leaders also criticized Mr. Graham for his actions and urged Senate committees to initiate an immediate investigation.

A manual recount is taking place in Georgia after Biden defeated the outgoing president by nearly 14,000 votes to overturn the state and win 16 electoral votes.

A senior aide to Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Ravensberger, confirmed that he was at stake when Mr. Graham asked the state’s election chief if he had the power to cancel some absentee ballots.

“He definitely wanted to go down this road,” Mr. Ravensberger told me Washington Post Earlier this week.

Graham, who donated $ 500,000 to nullify the election result, denied the claim, calling it “ridiculous”.

He said the call was, in fact, about strengthening voter identification laws before the Georgia Senate races in January.

And Stirling, who oversees voting systems in Georgia, helps that Graham’s comments “may have gone a little over the edge” of what people might find acceptable, according to CNN.

Ravensberger says that Graham, one of Donald Trump’s most vocal allies, has questioned the state’s signature matching act, and indicated that biased poll workers could have counted votes with non-matched signatures.

Graham claimed to have contacted election chiefs in Arizona and Nevada out of concern about the integrity of elections across the country.

But Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State, and Arizona Secretary of State, dismissed this claim.

Nevada’s Secretary of State Barbara Sigavski, a Republican, also denied that she had spoken to Mr. Graham.

He later explained that he had spoken to the governor of Arizona but could not remember who called him in Nevada.