Maybe I’m a guy of little imagination. It is possible. But I can’t imagine the collaboration between Marek Babszon and Dariusz Miodowski. Perhaps the problem lies not in the imagination, but in the insufficient knowledge of these two people. Perhaps there is a large and unknown area of ​​agreement, and the world has not seen such agreements.

But based on what is known?

Marek Babszon, who has a great influence on the selection of players, selects them under his concept, which ultimately determines the DNA of the team. Players in Raków are even discovered through the prism of whether they have the ability to enter the roles given to them by the Pope.

Dariusz Miodowski, who does not want to give coaches too much influence on the choice of players, because the coach is here today, there will be different players tomorrow, he chooses Legia under his concept, the team is what ultimately determines the DNA of the team. The coach has to accept it and move into these roles.

Well, those are two opposing ideas.

And based on them… basically everything.

Behind these ideas are personalities who strongly believe in their plans and have invested in them for years.

I do not see that the pope, only at this moment, after so many years in Raku, seeing that such strong governments were what he needed to succeed, had relinquished much of his power. Working in a club where he can also fight for titles and fight for cups.

Mioduski needs a good coach. The concept with another coach’s project – that’s how it should be called, unfortunately for Coach Gołębiewski – has just been removed from the board. But when you take someone by name, you have to be prepared to compromise. And I am sure Miodowsky is ready to make concessions, but are these compromises as the Pope wants? To give him … maybe not the keys to the club, but still a coach with undoubtedly remarkable strength?

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Oh no.

Maybe there is a dream in Papshaw somewhere. Many years of work at Mazovia, in the lower leagues, where Legia was such an unreal and unattainable climax. Reporting there on the bench – that would be a sure thing. Playing emotional chords. Bid chains.

but If what talks most about a movement in football today is emotion – I don’t believe in such a movement.

I think whatever Papszun wants to do in the Polish league, he can do in Raków. And if his transfer to Legia is realized:

Well, I won’t use Skorża’s cliché, but yes, there will be an open series again where episodes will be written a lot more than each game.

But as I see the Pope, who can continue his way–roughly, for the employment of Robert Graff is surely some limitation of his influence–then Legia? What serious coach would come to Legia knowing he doesn’t have much of an impact on transfers, and that his vision must be third tier of what the club, the president, wants to do? The coach will name the results after him, and have a limited influence – less than he would have elsewhere – on what happens?

Who’s serious about it?

It seems to me that a serious man would do well to understand the mess created by the record-breaking equation of 1936.


Out of curiosity. I don’t remember if I actually wrote it, but it’s not like Marek Babszon didn’t have a higher level soccer scratch. Well, he was, he was in Tests in the Polish Premier League in the time of Stefan Majowski.

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Sam said he didn’t feel any worse.


Because he lacked age, he lacked determination. Will that is now his trademark.

I even called Stefan Majowski regarding this matter, to ask him if he remembered the Pope. Well, he combed his memory and said:

I do not remember.

I wonder if there is a chance to remember the last match between Krakow and Rakow. Mostly not.


Dear Sasso Balic. I do not answer on behalf of the entire entrance,

And dear Sassou Palic. Do I presume you’re wrong about Philippe? No, I don’t suppose you’re wrong. Maybe you have.

But first of all, first, seventh and eighth, be aware that your jogging on the field was a strange thing in the first place, strange only adding fuel to the fire.

Who hits first? Maybe Felipe. But this question does not end with some sort of top priority in this case.


Jacek Zieliński from Krakow? I’m for. Because I’m a proponent of a well-understood experience. There are coaches who only cover themselves with this experience, or think it can cover how football is changing. Zieliński has experience, but everyone who knows this coach at least behind the scenes knows that his finger is on the pulse.

The difference is that some people are always open to collecting new experiences, or rather: letting them change them all the time.

Others will find that the experiences they have are sufficient to describe the world around them.

Well, they are never enough. Not just because the world is constantly accelerating.


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In the end, Mr. Grzegorz turned Szeliga and his confession about the game sold Wisła – Legia from 1999. An acknowledgment in itself of its sports content, not too shocking. It doesn’t change much, because the space for this impossible conversation for years is not about “whether this match is crooked”, but about whether others are filming too, and yet not everyone gets punished.

Let’s not get bogged down in this, there is a debate without limits, without prospects.

However, the conditions are impressive.

A 53-year-old dying man makes a kind of public confession.

One of the last things he feels he should do: admit the truth.

I don’t know Mr. Grzegorz or his situation, perhaps admitting it earlier wouldn’t change anything. But there is a note of final issues, i.e. of those whose necessity is realized only when we see the end.

The problem is that this end is always clearly visible.

There was deep sadness in the interviews with Mr. Grzegorz and I hope this confession gave him what he was looking for. Perhaps peace of mind. I think peace of mind when saying goodbye to the human world is at stake and it’s always worth fighting for.

Leszek Milewski