STARTING a new career, proposing to your other half and penning a novel are among the list of life-changing decisions Brits make while on holiday.

A new study among holidaymakers has revealed that a typical adult will spend around six hours of their holiday mulling over their career plans, love life and living arrangements, going on to make an average of two major life decisions while taking time out.

The study by travel agent Travel Republic, also revealed that not having the stress of work made it easier to think, with 34% saying that a holiday enabled them to talk to family and friends at length.

Going on an extreme diet or exercise plan, moving in with a partner, starting a family and getting a tattoo were other popular decisions to make while on holiday.

Spain came top in the list of international destinations we are most likely to reach to some major decisions, followed by the USA, Italy and Greece.

Nearly two thirds of those studied said a relaxing, beach holiday was the best type of break to contemplate life issues – although 18 percent felt a city break was preferable.

Naomi Wilkinson, Marketing Director at Travel Republic added: “There are many reasons why people go on holiday, and it is not surprising so many of us have booked a beach holiday in order to relax and use the time to contemplate major decisions.”


1. Spain
2. USA
3. Italy
4. Greece
5. France
6. Portugal
7. Thailand
8. Germany
9. Australia
10. Caribbean
11. Turkey
12. Maldives
13. Mexico
14. Canada
15. Africa
16. Japan
17. Dubai
18. Switzerland
19. Ireland
20. New Zealand