As the UK government announced, Brixi It also means limited access to streaming services like Spotify i Netflix.

When the British voted in the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union (named in style Brexit), Hardly anyone thought the decision would also limit the media. Including running. Today we know that the United Kingdom is set to formally leave the European Union on 29 March 2019. Aside from the many changes in education, politics and economics, that also means more trivial changes … although for some of the more difficult to assimilate.

Spotify and Neflix are not for the Brits abroad

It is possible that the British, being outside of their home country, will not be able to use apps like Spotify and Netflix. After Brexit, The application of the ability to transfer data from the application outside the country will stop. There is a way to make Spotify, Netflix and many other apps available to the British in Europe. The appropriate documents must be signed so that those agreed upon do not yet enter into force, that is, by December of this year.

Service providers providing online content will not be obligated and will not be able to provide cross-border access to UK consumers.

Netflix authorities are trying to reassure British users. They explain that even when the assumptions of Brexit are fully met, the British will be able to use the service around the world. However, they will likely see the library available in the country they are in, rather than the UK country.

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