The return of the cause of the independence of Scotland. It is known when the referendum can take place


00:56 Polls – specifications – dabrowski. mp3 The Northern Scots and the Irish people want the independence referendum. Their findings could cause government concern in London – Adam Dubrosky Report (IAR)

Every second Scotsman “for” independence

50% of Scots interviewed support the independence referendum. 43% disagree. The rest are hesitant. The poll shows that if the referendum were to be held, dissident supporters would now advance between 49 and 44. This is the twentieth study in a row that shows the advantage of supporters of independence. Most of the respondents believed that Edinburgh would have dealt with the Coronavirus better than the central government in London. Most of them also want a reversal of Brexit and support the return of Scotland to the European Union.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to turn down calls for a second vote. He reiterates that the referendum took place in 2014 – and according to statements by politicians, including separatists – this issue was to be settled for several decades. The government in London argues that politicians in the Scottish National Party should focus on issues close to the people.

Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, responded to the prime minister on the BBC today. – He is afraid of democracy. The head of the Scottish National Party said the polls show that most Scots want independence, adding that the regional elections scheduled for May will be another test of support for secession from London. According to opinion polls, the Sturgeon Party has a clear advantage, and its program will include a call for a referendum.


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“It is absolutely unforgivable.” Scottish nationalists want to make up for Brexit

“Overcoming barriers”

On the other hand, the Irish referendum is required by 51% of respondents compared to 44% against. But if the vote were to go out, the poll indicates that Ulster will remain with the crown. However, the union advantage is not great, at 47 percent versus 42 percent.

“It is time to start making plans. Time to start talking about it” – so the Sinn Fein, a party working on both sides of the border in favor of Northern Ireland joining the republic, responded to reports of support for the vote. Time for the Irish government to start preparations. We can overcome the barriers of partition and build a new Ireland, said Michelle O’Neill, Vice President of Sinn Feinn.

Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Arlene Foster of the pro-British Democratic Union party, said in Sky News that this is not the time for such discussions – we all know how this vote will divide people. I now argued that we should all unite to fight the coronavirus.

Feelings of independence are not apparent in Wales. Every fourth person in Wales would like to see Cardiff as the capital of an independent nation.

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