The UK home stay requirement will be lifted on Monday. Up to six people from two families will be able to meet in the open air. In contrast, starting April 12, the following can open:

The Poles break the new restrictions. Warning! Police warn that the law has changed

Coronavirus Great Britain. Freedom Road

In a few days I will finally be able to go to the hairdresser. But most importantly, I would be able to walk down the street – cautiously but irreversibly – have a pint of beer in a bar. As things stand, I see absolutely nothing in the data that would dissuade me from continuing our path to freedom, unlocking our economy and returning to the life we ​​love, as the UK Prime Minister said at the virtual Conservative Party conference.

During the conversation, he warned that although “we are in a different world from last spring,” we must be honest about the “difficulties ahead” as there are still unanswered questions about the impact of the ongoing war. in Europe The third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson added, “The bitter experience has shown that a wave like this in Europe could hit Britain after three weeks.”

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