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LG company that mainly focused on OLED TVs, It will soon introduce a new type of receiver to display. It is about QNED Mini LED.

The new series of 4K and 8K TVs has models with a screen size of 86 inches. But what makes it stand out?

Well, these TVs use a mixture of Quantum dot technology (known from Samsung QLED TVs) And a solution called Mini LED. The latter is a variation of the LCD matrix, but with a much greater number of blank areas. We find up to 30,000 of them here.

What will you do for us? First of all, much better black reproduction, plus a deeper contrast. The image will be full of nuances. When we also add the quantum dot filter that provides a much wider range of colors we see – we have a really interesting combination.

QNED Mini LED TVs should have very high brightness. It is not known if QNED TVs will completely replace the NanoCell series (i.e. the current LCDs), but we do know that LG will still focus more on OLED screens.

The Korean giant will offer QNED TVs, including the giant 86-inch 8K At CES 2021 Starting on January 11, 2021

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