Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik emphasized in the letter that due to the actions taken by the Russian Federation towards Ukraine, the escalation of the conflict and the destabilization of the situation in the region, it is necessary to prepare for new challenges facing the system of science and higher education. . It will include, among others, the need to support people currently studying in Ukraine, who will try to enroll or continue education in Polish universities to a much greater extent than before, for example by transfer. The support of the academic community in Ukraine should include the scientists who conduct research.

Przemyslaw Czarnik emphasized that at the moment it is difficult to estimate the scale of this phenomenon, but the need for assistance may apply to both Polish citizens studying in Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens.

The minister mentioned that Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the mutual academic recognition of educational documents and the equivalency of degrees Signed on April 11, 2005 (entered into force June 20, 2006) guarantees people who have received an education in one country the possibility of continuing their education in institutions of another country. Article 4 of this agreement states that universities of both parties may recognize appropriate periods of study, exams passed, credits and internships in accordance with the local law of a particular country. According to this provision, the decision to award classes taught at a foreign university towards the university rests with the university.

In the letter, the Minister of Education and Science emphasized his support and initiation of all possible activities within his competence, aimed at helping the Ukrainian academic community. The Minister announced that he will consider launching a special scholarship program for Ukrainian citizens, as well as providing financial support to supervised universities that will accept scholarship holders.

Przemyslav Czarnik thanked the deans for their participation in organizing forms of education and material aid and called for further action. – Nowadays, any form of support is important – both financial, for example in the form of benefits for students, the organization of free courses of the Polish language, the reduction of tuition fees, the granting of discounts for places in student housing, and non-financial, such as the granting of vacations from classes With the possibility of passing credits and exams or giving approval for the individual organization of studies. Minister Czarnik wrote in his letter that psychological assistance, already successfully organized by many universities, may also be important.

– I am convinced that joint actions, both systemic and institutional, will allow to organize the necessary assistance in the framework of the higher education and science system depending on the development of the situation – Przymyslav Kzarnik emphasized in his correspondence.