Let’s Do London is the name of a campaign to promote London to local travelers. The city wants to encourage domestic travelers to come, as their support will be beneficial even for the most popular tourist attractions.

The campaign budget is 6 million pounds sterling. The project will cover not only advertising activities, but also the organization of events. New art installations will appear in the city, as well as cultural events, exhibitions, theater and sports performances. Famous London museums, galleries and other tourist attractions, as well as artists, chefs and, above all, city authorities joined the event. Their common goal is to attract as many local tourists as possible, but also to encourage Londoners themselves to come to the center and enjoy the sights.

In the coming weeks, London is set to become an open gallery of artists’ work. There will be performances for families with children – at the Victoria and Albert Museum, you will be able to see an exhibition dedicated to “Alice in Wonderland”, and in the Museum of Natural History, the heroes of “Fantastic Beasts and How to Find With Them”.

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The good news for sports fans is that there will be eight UEFA Euro 2020 matches in London this year, as well as a tennis tournament and a cricket competition. Large festivals will be held in the fall, including London Fashion Week and Film Festival. In winter, Christmas illuminations will illuminate the center of the capital. Music fans will be able to go to the West End again to see productions like “Back to the Future”, “Cinderella” or Disney’s “Frozen”.

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The city is contributing £ 6 million to support these efforts, plus another £ 1 million in payments and services from partners. It will be promoted in both traditional media and on the Internet.

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According to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, travel restrictions will likely continue to be enforced this year, so both Londoners and residents of other parts of the UK have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the city’s offer without the crowding. In this way, they will be supported by world-famous organizations that are starting to open up and need help more than ever.