British teens are sharing different scams on TikToku who allegedly tested positive for coronavirus. There are more and more videos in the app with tips on what kind of liquid to use to get the desired effect.

Students fake COVID-19 tests

Apple sauce, Coca-Cola, vinegar, hand sanitizer – these are just some of the ways to cheat on a quick antigen test, and eventually – you don’t have to go to school. Student videos already have millions of views, and the tricks are being used en masse by teens across the country.

One of the popular accounts on TikToku which appears to be owned by a British teenager contains dozens of videos of such instructions. The student tests different combinations of substances on them, including cough medicine, lemon juice, orange juice, deodorant, and aftershave.

The independent fact-finding organization Full Fact previously revealed that soft drinks and citrus fruits can cause tests to show a result that appears positive. She added that rapid tests rarely produce a false positive when used as intended in humans.


Relevant Officials

Education officials warn that the practice is “harmful” because schools are already struggling to maintain adequate levels of education in the wake of the pandemic. ‘We are sure this affects a very small minority of students and that most of the tests are used correctly,’ said Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of Schools and Colleges Leaders, quoted by

However, we encourage parents to make sure the tests are not misused, and we suggest to students interested in chemical reactions that the best place to learn about them is in school chemistry, Barton added.


A TikTok spokesperson spoke

A TikTok spokesperson said we are removing content that contains misinformation that causes harm, including medical misinformation related to COVID-19 and, more broadly, anti-vaccine misinformation.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked to provide our community with access to reliable information, And thanks to our partnership with Team Halo, scientists from around the world have been involved in how vaccines are developed and tested for safety.


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