The club’s first legally hosted dance recitals in the UK since the coronavirus outbreak will take place on Friday and Saturday nights in Liverpool. It’s part of a pilot project that aims to verify how to safely conduct group events.

3,000 people will be able to attend each of The First Dance events at the circus club. They won’t need to wear masks or social distancing, but they must be tested negative for coronavirus, which will be done at a local testing point within 24 hours before the event begins. They will also be encouraged to take a PCR test five days after the event. An additional case is that only people who live in and around Liverpool and do not show any symptoms of infection can apply for tickets.

Sven Faith, The Blessed Madonna, and Jayda G will perform Friday night shows, and Fatboy Slim will be the main star on Saturday.

Scientists use these weekend parties to see if mixing crowds and dancing indoors increases transmission of the virus. It’s part of an ongoing series of nine entertainment and sporting events looking at how safe it is to get back in operation with the full participation of the public. The use of vaccine certificates for this will be tested in some of them.

Nightclubs are among the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, as they have not opened their doors for a short period since their closure last March.The earliest date for their operations to resume is June, when the last phase of lifting restrictions will begin. Due to the suspension of their activities, they have had to slow down 51 percent since the beginning of the pandemic. staff, while pubs – 32 percent, and pubs – 25 percent.

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On Sunday, also in Liverpool, there will be another experimental event – an open-air concert that will be open to 5,000 people. As with those in clubs, social distancing and covering your face will not be necessary, but testing for the virus will be required. Several bands will perform at the concert, including lead star Blossoms.