Should learning mean boredom and spending long hours reading books or exercise books? of course not! Young students at Kozalin University for Children and Youth know this. Periodic meetings of the youngest residents as part of the KUDiM is an initiative of the Koszalin University of Technology and the company Kronospan Polska, which regularly invites children to participate in classes and gain knowledge.

Six years ago, Kronosban became a sponsor of the Koszalin University of Technology project, which aims to encourage children to learn about the world of science. Classes conducted by university researchers and invited guests show children in an unusual way that learning does not have to be boring. exactly the contrary. Through playing, children can discover the previously unknown world of technology, gaining not only knowledge, but also a number of new skills.

– Our company willingly participates in educational projects that have a great opportunity to influence the quality of youth education. We feel responsible for supporting initiatives that make learning more interesting and closer to students. Creating opportunities for children for appropriate development and education is the implementation of our mission – admits Director of Human Resources Jakub Pynaarski at Kronosban Polska.

KUDiM offers a university-style teaching program. Classes are conducted in such a way that the children feel like real students. Vice President of the Koszalin University of Technology, Prof. Additional Dr. Hebb. Tomasz Królikowski explains that participating in the classes will instill in these young people a spark of knowledge that they will develop further. It will give them the feeling that something around them is available to them in the form of knowledge and, therefore, will lead them in the future to a conscious career choice.

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Kronosban, having seen the tangible effects of KUDiM classes on the young ones, who thanks to these meetings have a greater incentive to explore their knowledge, decided to invite the children to participate in workshops and lectures at the University for Children and Youth in Koszalin this year. Winter term meetings will begin any day on a selected Saturday of the month. Everything is done in the well-equipped Kronospan Design Center (KDC). Both children and parents enjoy comfortable conditions for learning and observing here.

In past classes, young students in the workshops learned, among other things, how to program small and large robots – ozobots, super robots, and do wonders with 3D pens. The lectures were also very interesting. They were devoted, inter alia, to windmills, 3D printers or the mysteries of the deep seas and oceans. Along with the lecturers, the children also wondered what metal could be squeezed out, and listened to stories about the history of money and how advertisements affected the little ones.

– Cooperation with the Koszalin University of Technology automatically raises the topic of classes, which is why they focus on issues of exact sciences – says Jakob Pinarsky. Our goal is to instill an interest in science in children and show that it doesn’t have to be boring. At the same time, we want to “separate” children from tablets, televisions or computers and encourage them to actively learn science through play.

Registration is done online Online registration ( And it continues until the end of October!

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Classes will be held once a month on the following dates:

Chapter One:

10/30/2021 Opening Ceremony / First Lecture.

27.11.2021 Lecture 2 (Children’s Studies 11:00 am / Youth Studies 12:30)

04/12/2021 Lecture 3 (Children’s Studies 11:00 am / Youth Studies 12:30)

22.01.2021 Lecture 4 (Children’s Studies 11:00 am / Youth Studies 12:30)

02.26.2021 Lecture 5 (Children’s Studies 11:00 am / Youth Studies 12:30)

Second Semester:

Appointments will be confirmed after the first semester.