At the Black Reformatory’s Continuing Education Center, prisoners are installed twice a year: in early September and February.

Adult education is a special form of education, and this is the case in the correctional facility in Kasarna near Szcnik. In schools of this type, the school year begins and ends twice. In total, 102 inmates began their education in Kazarna Prison, in vocational courses in the following areas: cooking – preparing and serving dishes, hairdresser – performing hairdressing services, installing construction and finishing in construction – assembly and cladding works, and confectionery – producing sweets.

– Education in the school is carried out by a well-qualified faculty with extensive professional experience – teaches Captain Michao Rokita, Vice President of the Department of Prisons. It must be emphasized that inmate education, along with employment, is one of the most important elements of the prisoner rehabilitation process. Having a job gives you the opportunity to find work after you leave prison.


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