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The content of Vice President Lai Chengde’s speech at the reception to celebrate the 246th Independence Day of the United States on the twenty-first has attracted attention. (Image taken from facebook.com/chingte)

(Central News Agency correspondent Wen Juexiang, Taipei, 22) Vice President Lai Chengde delivered a speech last night at the 246 Independence Day celebration reception of the United States. The content of his speech drew attention. Senior Party and government officials said today that it is the first time that Vice President Lai has been invited to speak on behalf of the government and President Tsai Ing-wen, and he also expresses a clear will of the United States and the world, and the stable diplomatic axis across the Strait will continue.

High-ranking government and party officials said the AIT held a US Independence Day reception yesterday, the first time it has resumed in three years since the outbreak of the epidemic, with several diplomatic envoys in Taiwan invited to attend. At the same time, this is the first time that Vice President Lai has been invited to deliver a speech on behalf of the Taiwan Government of the Republic of China and President Tsai as Vice President. For Vice President Lai personally, it is of great importance.

The senior official said Vice President Lai’s speech conveyed several important meanings, stressing that the United States and Taiwan share the core values ​​of democracy, freedom and human rights, while at the same time thanking the United States for its rock-solid support. Donating four million doses of vaccine to Taiwan when the epidemic was difficult. Most importantly, he affirms to the United States: “Taiwan knows the role we must play. In addition to firmly defending democracy, we will also work with the United States and like-minded nations to defend regional peace and security, preserve the freedom and openness of the Indo-Pacific, and protect Industrial Chain Security.

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Senior Party and government officials said Vice President Lai expressed to the United States that “President Tsai Ing-wen’s four insistences are the basic policies for maintaining regional stability and peace now or in the future.” The will of the axis is clear.

The person confirmed that Vice President Lai repeated President Tsai’s insistence several times, and that many people related to the foreigners present took special care of him. And I think the American side should have taken note of that as well, and made it clear to the world that it doesn’t matter who’s in power in the DPP, these are all issues, these are the core policy of cross-strait diplomacy that will continue.

An unnamed senior government and party official said Vice President Lai has embarked on a steady expansion of vision and diplomatic relations during his tenure. In addition to visiting Japan to mourn former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently, he also began using international events to announce that he will follow a stable diplomatic streak and continue to win the international community for Taiwan’s understanding and support.

The celebration marked the 246th anniversary of US independence including Sun Xiaoya, Director of the Taipei Office of the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT), David Lee, Secretary General of the Presidential Office, Zhang Zhongmoo, founder of TSMC, and Foreign Minister Wu. Zhaoxie, and diplomatic envoys from various countries in Taiwan.

President Tsai put forward “four insistences” in his National Day speech last year, namely, “uphold a free and democratic constitutional order,” “adhere that the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are not subordinate to each other,” “that sovereignty cannot be conquered and annexed,” and “uphold the That the Republic of China and Taiwan “must follow the will of the Taiwan people for the future of China.” (Editor: Lin Xingmeng) 1110722

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