The head of the Ukrainian diplomacy assessed that the sixth package of sanctions is a test of the unity of the European Union. In an interview with Polsat News, Dmytro Kułeba noted that the pipeline that supplies the oil, among other things, is excluded from the sanctions. to Hungary.

The head of Ukraine’s foreign ministry admitted he had mixed feelings about the sanctions. – On the one hand, I finally succeeded, there is oil there and Sberbank breaks up with the Swift system. On the other hand, he explained, a dangerous precedent was set for the fragmentation of sanctions.

“The European Union must prove that it is united.”

According to Coepa, evidence of the unity of the European Union will be so Adoption of the seventh package of sanctions. The European Union must demonstrate that it is united and that the Union remains determined that it can act. The Ukrainian minister said that I hope this will be reflected in the rapid adoption of the seventh package of sanctions and in the fact that it will be very substantial.

– Until a month and a half ago, the oil embargo was impossible. They told us it wouldn’t work, and it couldn’t be done. Today we have an almost complete embargo on Russian oil. Even if gas is not included in the seventh package of sanctions, Coeba said, I am sure that ban will certainly be enforced.

Kuleba: Putin hates Europe

Also referred to as politician Talks between European Union leaders and Vladimir Putin. Everyone can see that Russia is lying, it hates Europe. Kuleba stressed that by abandoning Russian oil, Europe should also act in its own interest, and not only in the interests of Ukraine.

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He also pointed out the lies of the Russian leader. The head of Ukrainian diplomacy said: – If the example of lying in the face does not convince my colleagues, the European leaders, then it is really difficult to imagine what would have to happen to make them believe that President Putin hates Europe.

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