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Princess Kate met a little girl. I love her pink dress!

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Kate Middleton is the patron saint of the charity Forward Trust. Prince William’s wife cannot miss the event promoting the foundation’s new social campaign. The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at BAFTA headquarters in London and delivered the keynote address on taking action on addiction. The primary goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of addiction and its causes, and to understand the scale of this problem in society. Important topics, but we not only care about the intrinsic value of the meeting, but also … Crazy Kate Project.

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Princess Kate is all red. season!

A few months ago, we were stunned by Queen Letizia, who paid tribute to Clara Campoamor Rodrigues (a parliamentarian and feminist) in a beautiful red dress. Today we take a look at Princess Kate’s design. The British opted for a more casual look – a narrow, long, pleated collar spdnic – But in the footsteps of her friend from Spain, she decided to use an equally dark color to control almost every element of her outfit. The only exception is accessories – a leather bag with light brown pins that fits in a handbag. The design is finished in gold earrings And a sapphire ring.

Princess Kate Agencja Gazeta / AP

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Princess Kate indicated during the ceremony that the epidemic had exacerbated her mental health problems and addiction.

We know that more than 1.5 million people in the UK who did not use addictive substances before their blockage may now have problems related to increased alcohol consumption. She explained on the platform that nearly one million teenagers and children have shown an increase in addictive behavior since the outbreak began.

Do you like the design presented by Williams’ wife at BAFTA headquarters?

Princess Kate

Princess Kate has changed her look. Nobody noticed it yet