Kristen Stewart recently gave an interview in which she admitted that she regretted one thing about her role as Princess Diana in the movie ‘Spencer’. The words of the actress are a surprise!

Soon it will hit theaters “Spencer” – Post production dedicated to Princess Diana. Thanks to Pablo Larrain, responsible for directing, we will go back to the beginning of the nineties, that is, to the time when Mrs. Dee, who was loved not only in Great Britain, but throughout the world, decided to divorce Prince Charles . This was perhaps the most turbulent period of her life. The main role is played by Kristen Stewart, who (despite her participation in several films) is still mainly associated with Bella Swan from the movie “Twilight”. So getting involved with Spencer is an opportunity for her to reverse that trend, but it’s also a huge challenge. It should be noted that she is not the first (and will not be the last) actress to play this character. So far, Princess Diana has played a role among others who are amazing Naomi Watts (“Diana”) and Emma koren (“The Crown 4”), which delighted subscribers and subscribers of Netflix. Everything seems to point to that Kristen Stewart It will also perform wonderfully. After watching the official trailer, you feel it fits the role perfectly Diane Spencer. Moreover, this is confirmed by very good reviews of critics / critics and journalists / journalists who have already had the opportunity to watch a new film about a member of the royal family. As it turns out, Kristen Stewart isn’t entirely happy with herself.

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Kristen Stewart talks about the role of Princess Diana and admits that she regrets one thing!

Kristen Stewart She recently gave an interview to The Daily Mail in which she talked a little about her role in the movie “Spencer”. During the conversation, she made a very sincere and surprising confession. In her opinion, Princess Diania was the strongest, and even inviolable, when she spent time with her two sons – Prince William and Prince Harry. This is why Kristen Stewart regrets not being a mother yet. It turns out that this difference between her and Lady Di made her feel disloyal through her play.

“I’m not a mother yet,” Kristen Stewart told the Daily Mail. “I need it to feel real…it’s the only thing about playing Princess Diana that made me feel so disloyal to playing her,” she added.

Interestingly, Kristen Stewart She had to bring up this topic several times during the aforementioned conversation with the “Daily Mail” journalist. That’s why Baz Bamigboye decided to ask the actress what she thinks of motherhood. The role of Princess Diana at first admitted that she was pregnant, but then – very quickly and with laughter canceled her words. As it turns out, she was just kidding.

How will Kristen Stewart deal with the role of Princess Diana? We will find out soon. The movie “Spencer” will be released in Polish cinemas in less than a month, specifically on November 5 this year. Write this date in your calendars!