Konrad Vygoczyk, a candidate for the presidency of Rzeszow, met with council members, local government officials and architects. They talked together about how to plan urban space. Former Marshal of the Lesser Poland Province, Janusz Sibiuć, an architect and authority in the field of urban planning, took part in the discussion. As he said, the city development model is very important. Today, three are being considered: a smart city, an eco city and the latest model that includes the population through the civic budget or billboard. Janusz Sepioł noted that Rzeszów is one of the few cities with a stable population. However, development strategies must be rebuilt by 2035.

Konrad Fijołek emphasized that urban space has an impact on the quality of life of residents and identifies many issues, so it is important to collaborate with architects and urban planners from Rzeszów.

Rzeszow’s presidential candidate asserted that the contests would play a major role in shaping the city’s space, especially public buildings. He drew attention to the relationship between green spaces and buildings. According to Konrad Fijołek, it should be sustainable and accessible – for example in the form of boxes.

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