Koalas seem to be living a truly idyllic life. 20 hours of sleep at night and chewing eucalyptus leaves. However, there are bears for whom life was not so pleasant. One of the & nbspnich is the Triumph.

It was found as a multi-month old bear in 2017 by veterinary nurse Marley Christian. Triumph’s mother died, and he himself was in critical condition. He also lost a foot, and there was only a bone sticking out of his place. Fortunately, he received expert help and went to the Koala Friends Center in & nbspLismore, NSW.

Living a koala without a foot is a real challenge. Triumph definitely stood out from his colleagues. He couldn’t climb as well as they did, even though he did To ma w & nbspnaturze. Walking in itself was quite a challenge for him. His nanny Marley asked for help in many places. Even specialists in creating animal prostheses couldn’t create one that would make the life of a koala easier.

I found help around the corner. John Dolman, a dentist and prosthetics in the region, decided to take on an extraordinary challenge and spoke about his work in a BBC report. He created a Velcro prosthesis to support the koala’s attachment to the ground.


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