The attack took place with a knife in the Brussels metro on Monday evening. Several people were injured – reports by foreign media.

Knife attack On the Brussels subway. On Monday afternoon, an unknown assailant attacked passengers of the Brussels Metro near Gare de l’Ouest in the Mollenbeek region. According to RTL-TVI on its website, the man injured several people before he was overtaken by the police. Photos and videos appeared from the moment the attacker actually calmed down on the web.

Knife attack in the Brussels metro. Several people were injured

I was in the middle of the car. Suddenly I heard a cry. I saw a man stab a woman in the throat. Terrified people fled. We didn’t know what to do. The woman was bleeding. Then the police arrived and we were evacuated – that’s how RTL-TVI on its website quotes the witness who narrated the whole event. Another witness indicated that the man only assaulted the women.

The police do not provide accurate information about the serial killer, but only confirm that the accident did happen. Presumably the attack was emotional.

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