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Photo archive of Kłodzko . Castle

Kłodzko Fortress is preparing new shows and paintings for tourists using individual tours. Among the novelties that will be made available to visitors on April 22, there is the exhibition “Hosets in the Kolodzko District” – located in Piwnica Tumska, which has not yet been open to the public.

The cellar is the only medieval room that has survived in the castle to this day – says Kornel Drążkiewicz of Kłodzko Castle.

The room will host a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Hussites and their activities in the Kłodzko District. The celebration begins on April 22nd.

That’s not all, because large panoramas will appear on four huge platforms located in the Alarm and Tower Bastion – adds Drążkiewicz. We will see, among others, the viewpoint of Przedmieście Ząbkowickie (ul. Łukasińskiego) and the fortress of Owcza Góra (where work is currently underway on Koszary Biała). The lock bridge over the Nysa River can also be an interesting fact.