Klaudia Halejcio recently bought a villa worth 9 million PLN and recently boasted of a general renovation of the bedroom. In response, her partner literally froze her credit cards!

Klaudia Halejcio moved with her partner and young daughter to a huge villa in Ursynów district of Warsaw some time ago. The property, worth 9 million PLN, has an area of ​​more than 520 square meters and is finished in a luxurious style. Despite this, the actress decided to make a major renovation in the bedroom, including works like tearing down the walls! For a large number of Internet users, the artist’s decision was at least incomprehensible. Many wondered what could require improvement in such an expensive and luxurious villa. The media also started writing about it. Halejcio’s partner responded to him in an unusual way! What does the actress say?

Klaudia Halejcio renovated the house for 9 million and her partner froze her credit cards. “You can go crazy!”

Claudia Halleggio and her partner Oscar recently bought a luxury property located in one of the most expensive areas of Warsaw. The villa is located in Ursynów and is worth 9 million PLN. It has attractions such as a huge garden with a pond, gym and swimming pool, as well as … a private cinema! It seems like you don’t need to change much in such a house, but Klaudia Halejcio has a different opinion. She decided to make a general renovation of the bedroom and wardrobe, and from time to time she brags about the progress of work on Instagram.

– We have already removed the disks from the walls, there is a new entrance to the wardrobe (…) The space has expanded a little, the bedroom is quite large, but breaking the wall has already made a huge space. The photo of the panels, although plasterboard is present at the moment, this color still creates the illusion of a larger bedroom. So I think it’s going to be a really cool turnaround, I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on here. – said the excited star.

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Instagram klaudiahalejcio

However, many Internet users do not hide their surprise at the need for general changes in a new and luxurious villa. Klaudia Halejcio’s partner – businessman Oscar – decided to refer to the widely commented topic. The actress just shared her unexpected achievement on her InstaStories. Together with his mother, daughter, and friend, they were going to Masuria, and just before they left, Oscar decided to play a trick on his partner and … literally froze her credit cards.

– What is that? – asked Claudia Halligsio, holding a large block of snow in her hand.

A 9 million house and it is doing some renovations. Well, you can just go crazy. She froze her money and cards goodbye. Enough of that, answered her partner.

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Halejcio, credit cards literally frozen by her partner

Instagram klaudiahalejcio

However, the whole situation turned out to be nothing but an Oscar joke, about which Claudia Halicio knew before. It was meant to be a joking couple comment about the headlines about their bedroom renovation appearing on the web.

– These are jokes, of course, they are just jokes, I knew what was happening, so it wasn’t – explains the actress in the following InstaStory.

I must admit that Halejcio’s joke is not only funny, but also creative!

Claudia Halleggio offered the house