Kelly Clarkson made another historic decision after her split from her husband. She applied to the court to change her name. What is it called now?

Kelly Clarkson He is a singer and juror for the American version the sound. Some time ago, she became famous in the media because she underwent an amazing transformation, as a result of which she lost more than 20 kilograms. Thanks to the actions taken, she is starting to look the same when she won American Idol in 2002. Since then, she has made an amazing career and recorded many hit songs, among others Miss The Independent, behind the eyes of the Hansel if Because of you.

In June 2020, the media heard the news of the singer’s separation from her husband, Brandon Blackstock. The couple is now divorced, and the information provided by foreign newspapers shows that the star pays the man very expensive expenses. The court decided that he would pay the father of his two children 150,000. dollars per month. As if that weren’t enough, he is expected to contribute to the expenses that Blackstock will incur when looking after their seven-year-old daughter River and five-year-old son Remington. In total, this gives an additional 45.6 thousand. dollars per month. The tabloids of the time reported that Kelly paid for it with tremendous pressure, which made her gain weight.

The latest information shows that the artist decided to make major changes in her private life.

Kelly Clarkson changed her name

Latest version ET It is reported that Clarkson has decided to change her name. However, these are not dreams. The tabloid reported that it has submitted the relevant documents and will complete all the procedures until the last button.

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The singer submitted a request to the relevant authorities explaining why she wanted to make such a significant change:

My new name fully reflects who I am.

Kelly decided she wanted to use the last name Brian. She chose them for a reason – in fact, that’s her middle name (Kelly Brian Clarkson Blackstock). And foreign media reported that she decided to make such a drastic change because she separated from her husband. Apparently, this was how she wanted to start a new chapter in her life.

I must admit that this is a brave move, considering the fact that since the beginning of her career, Kelly has used the Clarkson name and all of her artistic achievements have been recognized.

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