The Guinness Book of Records officially recognized the records “set” by the singer thanks to the song “Running Up That Hill”. She is the oldest female artist to reach number one on the charts. Second, the time that has passed since the song was released and reaching number one is also a record. What about the last record? Kate Bush waited the longest for the next number one (the longest gap between numbers 1).

The song, which originally appeared on Kate Bush’s fifth studio album from 1985, “Hounds”, and which recently appeared on the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, on June 17 this year, took the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart. And this is his highest place, because after the first release of the single 37 years ago, his highest place was third.

It was this victory that caused 63-year-old Kate Bush, unexpectedly for herself, to break three Guinness records in Great Britain at once.

The first: that she became the largest artist to reach the first place. Second: The longest period that has passed since the song was released until the day it reached its peak in the charts. And the third: Kate Bush waited the longest for the next first number (the longest gap between numbers 1).

Previously, the 76-year-old Cher was the oldest soloist to reach the top of the British charts. She was 52 years old when the song “Belive” hit the top. Cher immediately rushed to congratulate him. Commenting on her friend’s success on Twitter, she wrote: “Bravo Kate.”

I noticed that in the past, women had a more difficult path to the top, because they sold less with age. “We had to pierce the testosterone veil and we did! So the girls who came for us could sing as long as they wanted,” Cher wrote.

According to Guinness World Records, “Running Up That Hill” took 36 years and 310 days to reach number one, thus the song superseded Wham’s “Last Christmas”, which took 36 years and 23 days to do so (the song was released). 1984 reached the top of the list in January 2021).

In addition, “Running Up That Hill” became No. 1 in Great Britain after 44 years, from the previous song “Wuthering Heights”, from Kate Bush’s debut album – “The Kick Inside” (1978). In this case, Kate overthrew Tom Jones, who made his debut in the British charts with the song “Green, Green Grass Of Home” in 1967. The singer had to wait for the next number until 2009, which is two years shorter than Kate Bush. (life PAP)

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