Katarzina Dobour posted a unique photo in her Instagram gallery! The host of “Our New Home” showed her daughter. Maricia is now 22 years old! “Beautiful woman” – a comment by Internet users.

Katarzina Dobor with her daughter Maricia

Katarzina Dobor has been running the “Our New Home” program on Polsat since 2013, in which it has transformed the lives of the most needy families. For 7 years, production has helped renovate a lot of homes and apartments across Poland. In particular, the woman is the mother of two children: 42-year-old Maciej from a relationship with Piotr Dobor and 22-year-old Maricia from a relationship with Jerzy Pachinsky. Woman’s son – Maciej Dowbor – has also made a television career, and has been particularly involved with actress Joanna Koronioska.

Katarzina Dobor’s daughter lives far from flashes. As we can read on the web, a young woman started a well in Great Britain in 2019, but the Coronavirus foiled her plans, and Mary is currently in Poland.

A few days ago, Maria Dowbor-Baczyńska celebrated her 22nd birthday. On this occasion, a unique photo was added to the online gallery entitled “Our New Home”. The proud mother will show her daughter by posting her beautiful picture on the Internet.

“My gorgeous daughter is 22 years old. Love !!!” – Books of the journalist.

The comments were signed under the photo of the 22-year-old. Netizens showered Katarzina Dobor’s daughter countless birthday wishes and … greetings. “A beautiful woman after Mama”; “beautiful girl”; “Beautiful young woman” – these are just some of the comments on the Internet.

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Alexandra Pianas