Helaine Vis plays tomorrow in the Carnall District. This is another concert that will be held as part of the Karnal Festival – a project implemented by the Zbrzei Coal Mining Museum with funding from the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sports from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the “Music” program implemented by the National Conservatory of Music and Dance.

The ceremonial opening of the revitalized Karnal – the above-ground part of Queen Louise Ide took place in Zabrze at the beginning of July this year. New territory means new attractions, but also new opportunities. This unusual post-industrial space, which has gained a second life thanks to the revitalization, has just become the largest cultural district in Poland.

MGW invites you to the Karnal District every summer Saturday at 20.00.

And before the concert or at any other convenient time, it is worth taking a closer look at the Karnal region. In order to meet the expectations of the tourists, the show is set up so that everyone finds something for themselves. Fans of history technology are invited to a guided tour – “The Miner’s Way”, and those who are a little younger to take part in our game. The field game – “Rescue Mission” – is a ready-made scenario for spending time with the family. The premise is simple, there are tasks to be done and a reward to be collected.

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