– We have to move forward with the bill, which we have doubts about whether it was passed legally – said Mikhail Kaminsky, Vice-President of the Senate, when asked what the Senate will do with the bill on the media.

He stressed that “the Senate will reject the bill in its entirety.” When asked about the amendment that the Law and Justice Party wants to put forward during the discussions, he replied that it is “the opposition’s dream.” – Domorosły Makiawel of Radom, Marek Soski wanted to get the opposition out of the way in a somewhat ineffective way – he commented on the idea of ​​proposing an amendment.

Video: Michal Kaminsky on possible US sanctions against Poland: the first such situation in 30 years

The amendment that PiS intends to submit to the Senate relates to the method of broadcasting. Marek Susky, during a House photo on Wednesday, reported that “one amendment to Section 35 has been overlooked in the Works on the Act, which would remove the restriction referred to in Section 2 Points 1 and 2, which does not apply. To grant broadcasting license by broadcasting or via satellite or in telecommunication networks other than those used in terrestrial or satellite broadcasting.

The Senate will deal with the bill

– You have to fight to the end – Kaminsky stressed, noting that PiS has a problem in the House of Representatives in gathering a majority to support the bill. If the Senate rejects the bill, it will require its support in the House of Representatives by an absolute majority. When asked how long the Senate will deal with the media law, he replied: – I don’t know exactly how long it will last.

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The amendment to the broadcasting law adopted on Wednesday, which will now be dealt with by the Senate, states that a license for radio and television broadcasting can be obtained by an entity located in a member state of the European Economic Area (EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) , provided you are not dependent on a foreign person outside the European Economic Area. From the opposition’s point of view, it is targeting TVN Group, whose shareholder is American Discovery Group.

Conflict with the United States?

Kaminsky pointed out that the media law was criticized by the US administration. – We read seriously that the United States is considering imposing sanctions on Poland for the first time in 30 years – he said. When asked if we are in danger of conflict with the United States, he replied: “We’ll see what happens in September.”

– Poland today is criticized by both American parties – Kaminsky emphasized. He added that the simultaneous criticism of Republicans and Democrats “against an ally that has not happened in 30 years.”

Gwen is out of government

Kaminsky said: – Today, Jaroslav Gowen faces decisions whether he is in the opposition or not. When asked if he will meet Jaroslaw Goyen in the Polish coalition, he said, “I will see if he makes a decision and is among the people who want to build an alternative to the PiS government.”

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– He has proven that he is able to eliminate the bad ideas of the United Right – said Mikhail Kaminsky, head of the Convention. He also admitted that PSL leader Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz has “good partnership relations with Gowin”. He added that the head of the PSL “can talk to people from different groups in the political arena.”

He also noted that “the most reasonable ideas that have emerged recently from the United Right have come from the people of Gwen.”

Sorry about the cookies

– If Paweł Kukiz was not on the lists of the PSL-Polish alliance, PiS would probably have another 35 seats – Kaminski confirmed. This, he added, will establish a different balance of power.

Kamiński noted that “the Vice President of PSL in a private statement apologized for Pawe Kukiz, and apologized for his presence on the lists.” “I think this announcement is very dangerous,” he added.

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– Today he goes to Kukiz – in a worthy way – pours buckets of laundry, but I think he needs to talk to him – said Kamiński. – I do not support vulgarity in politics, but I understand the feelings of the frustrated – he said of the hatred that occurred to Bowie Cookies after the vote on the Media Act. He assessed that Bowie Cookies “overstepped the bounds” and “participated in the attack on freedom with the PiS”.

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He summed it up: “Kukiz, like everyone else, has a chance to get better.”

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