Geopark Kielce, which looks after the geological reserves in the provincial capital, won the National Competition of the Polish City Planners Association and was awarded the Grand Prix for the best developed public spaces in Poland. It was awarded for the educational infrastructure in Kadzielnia and Wietrznia, which was built as part of the project “Development of educational infrastructure in areas of natural value managed by Kielce Geopark”.

The competition jury drew attention to the general activities of the Kielce Geopark related to the development and use of the former quarries for tourism and education.

The Grand Prize was awarded for the implementation of a spatial project whereby field infrastructure was created for nature protection, education and tourism in the post-mining regions of Wietrznia and Kadzielnia. The former quarry areas have been transformed into a tourist and educational area that utilizes fully natural potential with a new entertainment infrastructure. This development had a positive impact on the development of tourism in areas of natural value and on increasing environmental awareness of users. The competition jury appreciated all the reassessment activities that are being conducted periodically as part of the Kielce Geopark Managed “Educational Infrastructure Development in Valuable Natural Areas” project.

Kielce Geopark conducts activities aimed at making our reserves famous in the world. Together, the neighboring municipalities of Chosseni, Morawica, Nueni and Picoszo, which also have geological attractions, have created the “Świętokrzyski Geopark” and have been trying for more than two years to obtain the UNESCO World Certificate of Geoparks, which will take place this year.

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