Justina Nagloska and Boris Szyk were heading home on Sunday after a relaxing holiday. Surprisingly, they did not grieve over this fact, but on the contrary – the journalist admitted that she would love to return. She has created a comfortable space for herself and feels nowhere better. Show off a beautiful boho style balcony.

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Justyna Nagłowska is proud of the terrace

Justyna Nagłowska described the different stages of arranging a garden gazebo. And it’s really big, so there was a lot to talk about. I divided it into two zones – for rest and dining. It is precisely the well-thought-out design of this space that makes him feel that he does not feel as comfortable anywhere as in his own home.

And after the holidays… but that doesn’t make me sad. why? Because I love coming home. I still feel like I’m on vacation. That was the plan and the idea when I started arranging the outdoor relaxation areas – Nagłowska started on Instagram.

Justina wanted every member of the family to have a place there. After all, the couple has four children. One-year-old Henio, but besides this, Borys Szyc is also the father of 17-year-old Sonya, with whom he has a relationship with Anna Bareja. Nagłowska, in turn, is the mother of two daughters – Francesca and Stefania.

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Today it will be about the balcony and garden. I arranged it in stages and after three years I can calmly and with satisfaction say that it is done. She created two spaces for our family – to rest and eat.

There is plenty of space on the balcony of Justyna and Boris. The dining area has a wooden table with lots of greenery around it. In the huge rest area, there are pallets with plenty of pillows. see there too mirrors Surrounded by plants, macrame motifs and a large patterned rug. Nagłowska is pleased with the effects of her creative work.

You don’t have to go anywhere anymore. I have my own paradise. Nothing makes me happy and fulfilling like home decorating. I could spend hours on this. This is my relaxation. This is a feature of my horoscope. I am happy with this effect.

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They arranged well?