yourgen club He described this season as the most challenging season of his managerial career due to the intense match schedule brought on by Covid-19.

Liverpool started a series of seven matches in 22 days and their resources were drained not only by injuries to players like Virgil Van Dyck And Alison, however, has passed several positive tests for Covid-19. According to Klopp, the unprecedented complications of the pandemic, coupled with the lack of recovery time between matches, have put pressure on all coaches who also have to deal with losing players in international missions.

The Liverpool The coach, who came close to Alison’s presence again after a shoulder injury, said: “Yes it is [the most challenging season for a manager] And it will get more difficult. It really is. Life is more difficult than I experienced before and it is no different to football. This is what we talk about constantly when we try to find solutions. We need everyone’s help just to get the boys by.

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“I have no problem that we have to play again and I will not complain about anything but, with this schedule, we have to make sure that teams playing in the middle of the week will not play 12.30 on Saturday. If I play Tuesday in the Champions League, for example For example, 12.30 on Saturday would be fine. If I played Wednesday, Saturday would be 12.30: “Oh my God!” We did it once and it is: “Okay – we do it” but do it twice, thrice, that’s really the problem We need time to rest. “

Liverpool, who host Sheffield United on Saturday night, has a workload of 20 matches plus two international breaks from the start of October until the end of December.

Klopp added, “I know people don’t want to hear that and they go back to all the other things they say about professional soccer players. But professional football, at the level we play, is a bit like Formula 1 compared to driving a regular car. Everyone can drive a car but … It’s hard to drive 300 mph in too close, then hopefully your brakes will work.

“This is pretty much what professional football is – all of it at the highest speed and highest intensity. And for that, you have to have the best brakes available. I’m not the only one who thinks like this. I know all other managers involved in international football see things quite the same.” “.

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