Jürgen Klopp admitted he was unsure of how to approach Liverpool’s recent visit to Manchester City when they were comfortably defeated just days after they won the Premier League title.

The Reds suffered their biggest defeat of the title-winning season in July when City ran out 4-0 after a week of losing Klopp’s side. Officially confirmed as League Winners.

Pep Guardiola’s men took full advantage of Liverpool’s inactivity in the federation to judge them by what was just their second defeat of the season up until that point.

Klopp He accepts that his team entered the match below their usual levels of concentration as the match approached Soon after their success.

If you are not 100 percent Focus on the game against Manchester CityKlopp said as he was preparing to return to the Union on Sunday afternoon.

“I’m not sure I needed this match as evidence but that is 100 per cent the case. It’s the first time we’ve won the league in England, so I had no idea how to prepare for the next match, actually.”

Klopp said he was unclear on how best to give his pre-match talk to his players, revealing that he did not want to scale back the feat just days after naming Liverpool champions for the first time in 30 years.

He added, “I did not want to exaggerate the matter and say: Oh boys, forget it, no matter what happened three days ago, forget that.”

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“I didn’t do that. I’m not sure if this was right or wrong. I know my kids wanted to win that match but we weren’t as focused as usual.

“It doesn’t say much but it explains it a little. We played some good things that night but unfortunately we didn’t score and they scored four goals, so it was.

It was not the biggest defeat in my life. ”

Despite this result in Manchester again in the summer, Klopp scored against Guardiola Generally good, she has won nine times against the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach – the most number of any coach in world football.

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“I have to meet Pep more often!” Jester.

“I’m glad we don’t meet often to be honest because of the quality that he and his team have, but no, I’m not aware of any records.

“But I know we met from time to time and I know we didn’t lose all of them. All of the matches were very difficult and really exciting.

“That’s the only thing that really worries me, not the way we played in the last game of the summer or anytime. It was just that we were really ready to compete in the game.

“ And for that, we need a near-perfect organization and we need to be really brave, play our own football and give them problems too.

Together, it sounds very easy and it’s not rocket science, but it’s still really difficult for us. It’s immense pressure because it can cause a lot of stress but we can too.

“So it’s always just a fun game and we hope it’s also fun on Sunday because that means we’ll be good and that’s the first step in the right direction.”

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Liverpool’s win on Sunday will see the team return to the top of the Premier League before the international break in November, and has been a good reaction from the champions since the previous round of national matches last month.

The Reds have had seven of the nine points on display since mid-October and aim to keep a series of five games unbeaten in all competitions.

He was asked what he and his players had worked on Since the 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa On October 4, Klopp said he did not feel the need to drastically change his strategy based on one outcome, however contradictory it was.

“We worked on defense,” Klopp said. “I don’t know how many goals we have actually conceded, but they’re too many.

Seven in Villa, three against Leeds, two at Everton, and that’s already 12.

“So we played some other games where we also conceded, but defense is usually not our problem because we are defending as one.

“Yes, it helps a lot when your best player is on the field because there are moments when one has to defend what the unit could not defend before.

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“But it wasn’t until I said to Aston Villa: Come on, start over at 8 in the morning [and it’s] How to defend. Absolutely.

“We knew what we weren’t doing right that night and in one or two other games as well. We just tried to sort it out without overdoing it.

“Even when you get seven goals, it’s not like you start from scratch again. So we were completely comfortable about it, as much as you can be relaxed in how we handled it in that moment.

“But nobody felt comfortable at all, we were all frustrated but it was about how we dealt with it. It was clear that what was good before was not completely bad but there are some things that needed to be amended.”