The aurora borealis are found on different planets in the solar system. We know them from the example of the Earth, but such Jupiter also has similar phenomena. You can see it on X-rays and it’s at the poles. What causes it? Scientists say they have finally found a solution to this mystery.

The aurora borealis form on Earth when energetic particles come from the sun. They hit the magnetosphere. Then they flow along magnetic field lines. Jupiter does not stand out in this respect. its magnetic field 20 thousand times stronger than earthly. This makes it a huge magnetic field. Visible in our sky will be several times larger than the moon.

Photo: NASA Chandra / Juno Walk / Don

Scientists were finally able to observe how Jupiter’s magnetic field is compressed. This heats up the particles, which then travel down the atmosphere. This, in turn, causes the formation of x-rays.

Moreover, the aurora borealis on Jupiter are very active. It is capable of releasing hundreds of gigawatts of energy. That’s enough to power our planet for a while.

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