Jolanta Kwasniewska spoke to Dzie Dobry TVN about Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Poland in 1996. It was the first momentous meeting of the newlywed presidential couple. Britain’s monarch and Prince Philip were arrested just a day after Kwasniewski moved into the presidential palace.

Queen Elizabeth II The 70th anniversary of his accession to the British throne. The 95-year-old is now the world’s oldest head of state and the first British ruler to hold the post for seven decades. Thus, Elizabeth II broke the record of her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who ruled the British Empire for 64 years. If all goes well, then the ruler will pierce the Sun King Louis XIV himself, in more than two years, who held the throne for 72 years.

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Ola Kwaśniewska

Jolanta Kwaśniewska remembers Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Poland

Britain is preparing to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee in a grand celebration, meanwhile “Good morning TVN” Collected for memories by sharing Julanta Kwasniewska and a popular expert on the British monarchy, journalist Maciej Tchaikovsky. The former First Lady of the Republic of Poland recalled, among other things, the first visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Poland. The event took place on March 25, 1996, four months after Alexander Kwasniewski was sworn in as president.

The three-day meeting was a wonderful experience for the newborn presidential couple and their 14-year-old daughter Alexandra, especially since the family did not have enough time to make a proper home in the palace. The Kwasniewski family moved there on the eve of the arrival of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

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Jolanta Kwaśniewska reported on DDTVN that she was more afraid of the strict rules of protocol.

Of course, there were enormous nerves. We were afraid of this visitBecause there was her diplomatic protocol and court protocol. I remember the first moment, when we met the royal couple, after these solemn greetings. We went to the Rococo Room and that was the moment we had to start a conversation. We realize it was the Queen who started the first conversation – and that’s the complete precedent we can’t ask about politics, etc. In this arrangement, I didn’t know what my husband would talk about, if not about politics The former first lady said.

However, the British monarch turned out to be a very affectionate person, which helped relieve tension.

The Queen created such a wonderful atmosphere, she was very warm to us. (…) She looked at us with great friendship. (…]We had the honor of hosting Her Majesty the Queen, for the Queen may make such a visit to a particular country only once in her life. Her very gentle and deep smile was amazing to us – Jolanta Kwaśniewska was called into the studio.

When the presidential couple hosted the Queen at the palace, 14-year-old Ola Kwaśniewska was doing her homework on the floor above. Suddenly the queen said she would like to meet her.

It was probably the scariest moment, because we didn’t know how to dress the baby – Will he come in orange martins, or will he come with something. I had no contact with her at all. But she came in a beautiful long navy blue dress, and she was wearing black shoes in which she had previously visited the Holy Father, and she also looked great. said the former First Lady, who, as she admitted, did not know what to do with the Queen.

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In the end, it was classic suits and headpieces in the style of a British monarch. This is how Jolanta Kwaśniewska presented herself during Elizabeth II’s visit to Poland in 1996.


Photo: Zenon Zyburtowicz / East News


Photo: Zenon Zyburtowicz / East News


Photo: Wojtek Laski/East News


Photo: Wojtek Laski/East News


Photo: Zenon Zyburtowicz / East News

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