Jolanta Fajkowska was one of the most prominent Polish journalists. It was watched by millions of viewers on TVP. However, it suddenly disappeared from the screens. What’s up with her today? Recently hosted Krzysztof Ibisz on “Demakijaż” show.

Julanta Vajkoska She appeared with Krzysztof Ibisz with her daughter Maria Niklińska. Today, ladies have a great connection, although this was not always the case. A few years ago, a journalist was accused of not having time for children. Jolanta Fajkowska’s daughter admitted in an interview with “Viva” that she kissed the TV screen whenever her mother saw her.

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Jolanta Fajkowska suddenly disappeared from the media

The future journalist graduated from Charles University in Prague. She left Poland because she wanted to become independent from her parents. Thanks to scholarships, she left for Great Britain, where she studied journalism, for example at the BBC.

In 1986 she appeared in “Teleexpress”. However, it soon caught the attention of Ninie Terentiew and switched to TVP2. It appeared, inter alia, in the “Question about breakfast”. The journalist was pleased that she “did what she wanted.” Jolanta Fajkowska especially liked the radio interviews. She didn’t have to hurry, she had four hours of air at her disposal. Her interlocutors among others were George Clonet or Woody Allen.

– I started my business at the right time, as there were fewer channels and the journalist had a greater impact. Today, everyone is fighting each other and getting on their feet to stand out. At that time, we also had more freedom. Although, paradoxically, the times were less free. I have always stayed away from politics. I dealt with a culture in which no one interferes She said in one of Al-Thuraya’s interviews.

After the collaboration with TVP ended, many people wondered what was going on with Jolanta Fajkowska. Over time, she found work on Polish radio, where she hosted the “Four Seasons”. In 2020, she ended her collaboration. In turn, viewers can see her on Polsat News at 2 in the program “Fajka Pokój”.

The tabloids report that today Jolanta Fajkowska deals with writing. He has a lot of book ideas. He already has “signatures” and “music from profile and face.” He talks about jazz.”

– I have a lot of ideas and suggestions, I do something all the time – revealed in one of the interviews.


Photo: Al Sharq News