The Polish news agency wrote about the case on Thursday, citing press reports in Great Britain. The immediate reason that may decide to remove the country’s prime minister from the party position is the decline in support in opinion polls, which is the lowest for the Conservatives since 2013.

Johnson COVD

In a study commissioned by The Times, the Conservative Party could only count on 28 percent. authentication. Thus, the opposition Labor Party has the advantage of 10 p. However, the main beneficiaries are the Liberal Democrats, whose support has increased to 13 percent. Johnson’s ratings are even worse – they have fallen to the lowest level since taking office 2.5 years ago and now stand at 23%. Only 2 points was one of his predecessor Theresa May when she decided to quit.

The vast majority of those polled, including Conservative Party voters, think so Boris Johnson is not telling the truth On social media in Downing Street during the country’s strict restrictions on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The politician, on Wednesday, apologized, in his speech to the House of Commons, for attending the meeting on May 20, 2020. It is currently expected that these events will have the greatest impact on the loss of confidence in British public opinion. The Prime Minister considered this behavior a breach of the restrictions he had introduced earlier. In the British media, Johnson’s apologies were seen as too insincere, so it is likely that they will only make the situation worse, not better. But the poll itself was published before the speech.

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garden party

It is located around Garden Parties for 40 GuestsWhich occurred during the first lockdown, when socialization was prohibited. In the country, emails from Johnson’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds, have been leaked to more than a hundred Downing Street employees, urging them to take advantage of the good weather and come to a drink meeting in the prime minister’s palace garden.

According to party regulations, a motion of no-confidence against the leader of the formation can be put to a vote if he applies for it by at least 15%. Members of the Parliamentary Club, ie 54 deputies.

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