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John Cena, dressed in a suit and under a white shirt, will play the candidate for the presidency of the United States. The first frame of the upcoming thriller The Independent has appeared on the web. How is the actor in the new role?

John Cena He is fighting for the presidency in the new movie ‘The Independent’. The American wrestler fought in the ring, grabbed the rap, hosted parties, and now will play the candidate for the most important position in the state. The actor already has several high-profile roles behind him, incl. In titles such as “Peacemaker”, “Fast and Furious 9”, “Bumblebee”, “Fernando”, “12 Shots” and “Derailed”. Everything indicates that it will be another one. How will he manage things in the political arena in the struggle for everything?

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John Cena running for president at The Independent

The Independent promises to be a lot of fun. In the film we will witness the final weeks of an intense and groundbreaking battle for the seat of the most important office in the country. One role will be played by John Cena, playing Nate Sterling, the independent presidential candidate for the United States. How does the Peacemaker star appear in the new role? The first frame is available below.


John Cena fits the role of President?

The Independent – cast, release date

Political thriller directed by Amy Rice (“The Nation’s Will: The Election of Barack Obama”). We already know that on screen we will see Jodi Turner Smith, the star of the succession – Brian Cox and Ann Dodd. The creators have not provided an official release date, but it has been confirmed that the title will appear in 2022.