On Saturday, US President Joe Biden said that the United States will not withdraw from the Middle East because the left void will be filled by China, Russia or Iran. Biden participated in a summit of leaders of nine countries in the region organized in Saudi Arabia.

The leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in the meeting with the American President, Qatarthe two seas, KuwaitOman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. – United State He stressed that he will remain an active and committed partner in the Middle East Joe Biden. He said, “We’re not going anywhere.”

Summit attended by Joe Biden and leaders of the Middle East PAP / EPA / BANDAR AL JALOUD HANDOUT

The US president urged Middle East leaders to comply human rights and giving its citizens an opportunity to “criticize the government without fear of possible reprisals.” “The future will be won by countries that allow them to fully develop the potential of their communities,” Biden said.

The politician stressed that Washington is determined to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Biden added that he was proud to have ended “an era of ground wars in the region involving large numbers of American forces.”

A visit to Israel and the Palestinian cause

President Biden began his first visit to the region with Israel, where he reassured his administration’s commitment to “trying to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.” Biden said the Palestinians “deserve their independent and sovereign state.”

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Joe Biden during his visit to IsraelAtef Safadi / Bab / Environmental Protection Agency

But Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, stressed on Friday that his country “will not establish full relations with Israel until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.”